About Valtahlia

Breeder of Borzoi and Scottish Deerhound

23 years with Borzoi and 7 years with Deerhounds!

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There has always been dogs in the family and in many years working dogs was my passion. In 1994 I was educated in dog training at the Swedish working dog club and I have had a lot of training courses for dogs and their owners.

But sighthounds has always been in my heart and in 2001 my first Borzoi moved in with us, Radoga´s Tahlia. She was a delightful lady and she made me love the breeding even more. In 2016 we added Scottish Deerhound to our big family.

All our dogs lives with us inside the house and lives a family life. We like to show our dogs in the showring sometimes.

My prefix is a combination between the name of the village I live in and the name of my first borzoi.

So far, we have produced seven litters and so far nine champions. Several more is CAC Winners.

Dogs from Valtahlia has also shown their skills at the Lure Coursing track and in obedience and two of the dogs from our breeding has been working as therapy dogs.

But most of all they are lovely family members with great and dedicated owners!

Photo: A. Sjöberg
Photo: A. Sjöberg



Dog training instructor
Swedish Club Working Dogs

Education for secretary at competition/tests
Swedish Club Working Dogs

Education for breeders
Swedish Kennel Club

Dog physio terapeut