: SKK Nordic Show Vänersborg
Cold, wind, mud.
Valtahlia´s This Is Me, Honorsprize
Valtahlia´s Lagertha, Excellent

Valtahlia´s Running With The Wolves at SBK Göteborgsavdelningens show x 2 this weekend. Honorprize, BOB, BIG-2 on Saturday and Honorprize, BOB, BIG-1 on Sunday. Congratulations to owner Lovisa Jansson!!
: Puppyshow news!

Valtahlia´s In The Air Tonight “Inez” BOB, BIG-3 Siikajoki Puppyshow!
We are so proud, congratulations to owner Carina Engman, Kennel Kerslake.
Judge: J. Leiviska
: Nordic Dog Show Backamo

Our beautiful dogs! All with very nice judgement 🙂

Valtahlia´s Sir Lancelot
Valtahlia´s Lady Guinevere
The sisters Valtahlia´s Running With The Wolves and Valtahlia´s This Is Me
: Some updates:-)

Now when the shows starts again after the shut down, some of our dogs has been out in the show rings:-) Both Valtahlia´s Sir Lancelot here in Göteborg and sweet Valtahlia´s In The Air Tonight in Finland. Valtahlia´s Thyri and Valtahlia´s Sir Tristan has new photos on their own pages, thanks to the owners for photos:-)

Valtahlia´s Sir Lancelot. Äg: C. Tönnberg

Valtahlia´s Sir Lancelot. Äg: C. Tönnberg

Valtahlia´s In The Air Tonight. Äg: C. Engman

Valtahlia´s In The Air Tonight. Äg: C. Engman

Valtahlia´s In The Air Tonight. Äg: C. Engman
: Som new photos

Mea and Wanessas pages, also some new photos in the Gallery. Welcome to visit!

: Show debut for the puppies!

Swedish Kennelclub Puppy Show. Our puppies did great!

Valtahlia´s Special Kind Of Guy HP-1, BOB, BIG-1
Valtahlia´s This Is Me HP-1, BOS
Valtahlia´s Running With the Wolves HP-2
Valtahlia´s Alba Wanessa HP-1,BOB, BIG-3

: Swedish Midsummer!
: Happy Birthday!
: Valtahlia´s Lady Guinevere
Today Zonya attended an exterior assessment arranged by Swedish Kennelclub and was awarded Excellent and CQ:-)
: Puppy photos

The Gallery updated with some new photos

: They arrived!

Our lovely deerhound puppies has arrived. Here you find the first photo of the little ones,

: New photos

Some new photos in the Gallery. Welcome to have a look!

: Puppies in February!
: 20 years with Borzoi!
: Christmas Greetings!
: News!

Puppies in February?? Read more at Puppies

: New photos in the Gallery

Welcome in!

: New photos

Zonya and Lancelot own pages is updated

: Some updates

we have some updates in our future breeding plan

and some new photos in the Gallery. Welcome!

: New photos in the Gallery

Some new photos. Welcome to the Gallery!

: Our breeding plan
: New photos

The Gallery is updated with some new photos. Welcome!

: Change of plans

Due to the circumstances, we have changed our puppy plans

: New photos

New photos of Elis and Lada

: New photos

New photos in the Gallery. Enjoy! And also updated puppyplans.

: The first show 2020
Valtahlia`s Lagertha Excellent-1, CQ, BB-3, CAC
MyDog 2, SKK Göteborg Judge Nenne Runsten
: New Year Show!
Elis- Metelitsa Prilezhniy Prigozhay won BOB Junior, BOB and ended up as BIG-4 at SKK New Year Show!
Metelitsa Prilezhniy Prigozhay, 16 months
: Show results
SE UCH DK UCH Askhult´s Emilia McGill, Exc, CQ, BB-3
SvVk Munka Ljungby
Undimoon Meribeth, 13 months, Excellent, BOB Junior
SvVk Munka Ljungby
: Skokloster Summer Show and Borzoi-Ringen Nationality Show Strömsholm!
Best In Show Progency Group! Borzoi-Ringen Nationality Show Strömsholm
Best In Show Breeders Group! Borzoi-Ringen Nationality Show Strömsholm
Valtahlia`s Lagertha, Excellent, BB-3, R-CAC, in strong competition :-). Skokloster Summer Show
Valtahlia`s Sir Arthur, Excellent at both shows and also rewarded CQ at Saturday show in junior class
Valtahlia`s Lady Morgana, Excellent in junior class at both shows.
: Show result Nordic Show SKK Lidköping
SE UCH DK UCH Askhult´s Emilia McGill “Milla” BB-2, Nordic R-CAC 🙂
Undimoon Meribeth “Mary” Excellent, the first time in Junior class 🙂
: Show weekend
The first show – SKK Västkustvalpen! Valtahlia´s Lady Morgana BOB, BIG-3 Puppy class! Valtahlia`s Sir Lancelot BOS 🙂 Sister Valtahlia´s Lady Morwenna also debut at her first show in Åtvidaberg BOB, BIG-1!
: Christmas greetings
: Update!

New photo of Elis, almost 4 months old!

: Four weeks!

New photos of the puppies, now 4 weeks old, The Knight Litter!

: Puppy pages!

The puppies has their own pages, welcome to The Knight Litter!

: Meet Mary!

Meet sweetset Mary!

: BIS Veteran!

Our lovely Olga – SE UCH Valtahlia`s Dreamed A Dream Best In Show Veteran today! Borzoi-Ringen West Special, Vårgårda


SE UCH Valtahlia`s Chairman,  2nd in championclass with proze of honour

: Showresult Sv. Sighthound club, Vårgårda

SE UCH DKCH Askhult`s Emilia McGill, won champion class with Excellent and CQ, ended up as Best Bitch-2, SvVk Vårgårda 🙂


Valtahlia`s Lagertha, Excellent in big open class, SvVk Vårgårda 🙂


: 2 x Champion!


Our lovely Milla – Askhult´s Emilia McGill Exc, CQ, CAC, BOB, Swedish and Danish Champion!!


Sweet Lada – Metelitsa Ladnaya Ladushka won open class with Exc-1, CQ, BB-3!

: Skokloster Summer Show Strömsholm

This weekend, we attended Skokloster Summer Show, Borzoi-Ringens Speciality Show and Scottish Deerhound Speciality Show.

Both SE UCH Valtahlia`s Dreamed A Dream “Olga” and Askhult`s Emilia McGill “Milla” Exc and CQ :-). Happy that Olga was awarded CQ both Saturday and Sunday in veteran class!


: A sad day

candleR.I.P. Valtahlia`s Fahrenheit

: Show weekend!

Show weekend at Tånga hed!


Askhult`s Emilia McGill, Exc, CQ, BB-2, R-CAC!

SvVk Västra, Tånga hed. Judge: W Schwerm-Hahne


SE UCH Valtahlia`s Dreamed A Dream, BIS Veteran!

Borzoi-Ringens Speciality Show,Tånga hed. Judge: Sue Pinkerton

: Updated!

New photos in the Gallery!

: 12 years today!


Today we celebrate Radoga`s Nightwish “Gothica” on her 12th birthday! The grand old lady is still alert and enjoy the spring time. Gothica is our foundation bitch and mother to our Dreamlitter.

: New photo of Noah!

Noah´s page updated with new photo


: Summerize 2017!

Time to summerize 2017 at Valtahlia!

It has been ups and downs, but mostly up, when I summerize the year and I am so proud of all our dogs, the ones at home and the ones in other families :-).


SE UCH Valtahlia`s Chairman “Douglas” BOB, 2 x BOS, Best Male class and qual. to Crufts 2018.

Valtahlia`s Covergirl “Barbie” Best Bitch class, R-CAC and R-CACIB, our little Metelitsa Ladnaya Ladushka “Lada” a couple of times at local shows  and has already BOB and BIG wins.


Our Beautiful Askhult`s Emilia McGill “Milla” had great year in the show ring.              2 x BOB, 4 x CAC, BOB Puppy, BIS Puppy and several wins in Best Bitch class! She is also qual. to Crufts 2018.

Valtahlia`s Estrid won Best Bitch-3, R-CAC.

Our family got a new member, our lovely boy 🙂 Metelitsa Neotrazimiy Nikolay “Noah”¨.

We have celebrate our  “veterans” Valtahlia`s Fahrenheit and SE UCH Valtahlia`s Euphoria Blossom 10 years and Radoga`s Nightwish 11 years. Sadly we lost Euphoria Blossom during summertime, but we are grateful that we got to spent so long time togehter with her.

We also celebrate 10 years as breeder!

: New family member!

Welcome to our family Noah!

: Show weekend


Askhult`s Emilia McGill Excellent, CQ both days, ended up as BB-4 :-). SKK Eslöv

: Show in Borås


Askhult`s Emilia McGill won junior class with CQ,CAC and BOB today at SKK Borås!


Valtahlia`s Estrid, BB-3, R-CAC! SKK Borås. Congratulations to owner/handler Lena Torstensson



: Show results!

Milla bt4

Milla- Askhult´s Emilia McGill, 11 months, Exc 1, CQ, R-CAC, BB-4, SKK Hässleholm!

: Show results

007 - Kopia

Askhult´s Emilia McGill, BOB Puppy and


Metelitsa Ladnaya Ladushka, BOB, BIG-1 at her first show!

All breed show in Sätila


: Top ten!

Kennel Valtahlia no 7 Sweden Borzoi Breeder of the year 2016 (show)!


We are happy and proud of our dogs success during the year! SE UCH Valtahlia`s Chairman finished his Swedish championtitel, BOB in Landskrona and several wins in Best Male classes. Valtahlia`s Covergirl, CAC, 3 R-CAC and several wins in Best Bitch classes. Valtahlia`s Lagertha – our young beauty, several wins in Best Bitch classes, 2 BOB Junior, BIS-3, BIS-4 Junior and Cruft qual. Valtahlia`s Elisif, BIS Junior ow. Ann Fricke and Valtahlia`s Estrid BIS ow. Lena Torstensson, RLD N Valtahlia`s Caramelle who gained her title in obedince! ow. Anna Törnelius.




: More show result!


SE UCH Valtahlia`s Chairman, BOS, CACIB, Cruft qual. today at My Dog 2 Int. show in Göteborg! What a nice start of 2017!

: The first show of the year!


At the first show of the year Valtahlia`s Covergirl won open class and was appointed Best Bitch-3 with R-CACIB! My Dog 1 Göteborg

: Lagertha in Lund!


Valtahlia`s Lagertha won Juniorklass bitches, BOB Junior and ended up as BIS-4 Junior! SvVk Lund this weekend. Breed judge Marie Gadolin, Sweden and BIS judge Trevor Hiscock, South Africa. Photo: M. Mårdén

: Show weekend!


Valtahlia`s Covergirl, BB-3, R-CAC today!
Barbie och Tommy is a good team 🙂
Valtahlia`s Lagertha, Exc-1 in junior class.
SKK Ljungskile

: Show results

Valtahlia`s Covergirl Best Bitch-2, CAC, R-CACIB!!

SKK International Show Askersund


: Show in Borås!


Well done Tommy and Barbie! Valtahlia`s Covergirl, BB-2, R-CAC at SKK Borås today!

: Midsummer show in Sweden!

At Midsummer we attended The Swedish Sighthounds Speciality show at Tånga Hed.


SE UCH Valtahlia`s Chairman Exc-2, CQ, Best Male-3 and


our beautiful little girl Valtahlia`s Lagertha Exc 1, CQ, BOB Junior, Best Bitch-3 and BIS-3 Junior!! Judges: Annette Bystrup, Denmark and BIS judge Katrin Raie, Estonia

: Show result


Valtahlia`s Covergirl “Barbie” Best Bitch-4, R-CAC today at SKK Int, Vänersborg


: Meja has left us

Meja” Se UCH Borscana Dagsmeja has left us, 10 years old.

She is deeply missed but we are happy to have two of her offsprings at home.


: Results from this weekend shows

SE UCH Valtahlia`s Chairman Best male-2, R-CACIB (will be CACIB) today! SKK Int. Hässleholm. Judge: Karl-Erik Johansson.



And Valtahlia`s Estrid BIS Junior at a local show today! Congratulations to owner Lena Torstensson!


: BIS Junior!

At Borzoi-Ringen Speciality Valtahlia`s Elisif “Elly” was awarded BIS Junior and Best Bitch-4! Congratulation s to her owner Ann Fricke! Thanks for the photo Britt-Marie Andersson 🙂


: New Champion!

Valtahlia`s Chairman BOB and new Swedish champion at Swedish Sighthound Show in Landskrona! Judge: Juan Miranda, Mexico. BOS is RU Ch Berislava and the photo is taken by R.Hellberg.


: The Gallery updated!

New photos in the Gallery! Welcome to have a look.

: New familymember!

We have a new member in our big family!

: Results from My Dog Int. Show, Gothenburg


Valtahlia`s Chairman, Exc. 1, CQ, Best Male-3


Valtahlia`s Lagertha, Exc. 1, CQ, Best Bitch-4, Cruft qual. 2017



: My Dog SKK Int. Show, Göteborg

A nice day at My Dog, SKK Int. Show Göteborg.
Valtahlia`s Lagertha, Best Bitch-3 out of junior class!


: More photos!

New photos in the Gallery!

: Look at Lycka!

Lycka shows off!!


: New photos and some show results!

Valtahlia`s Ragnar Lodbrok BOS Puppy, Swedish Sighthound Club, Vallentuna! Congratulations to owner Marianne Strömstedt!


New photo of Valtahlia`s Elisif and some new photos in the Gallery!

: Show in Lund, Sweden!

Valtahlia`s Chairman won open class , Best Male-3, CAC, in strong competition today at Swedish Sighthound Club in Lund. Thanks to judge Graham Hill, Dimland Borzoi, UK!


An a new photo of Valtahlia`s Lagertha, six months old!



: Updated Gallery!

New photos in the Gallery. Welcome to have a look!

: New arrivals!

Now are they here!

Our two handsome stallions, Alpackaspecialist Merlin and Österlen Alpackas Secret Illusion!



Read more about our alpacas

: Show weekend in Denmark!

We had a nice weekend at FCI Euro Sighthound Show and Danish Club Winner Show at Broholms Castle in Denmark.

Valtahlia`s Chairman gained Excellent, CQ both days. On the second day he won open class and ended up as Best Male – 4 with R-CAC!



: What a fun weekend!

Swedish Sighthound club Strömsholm Summer Show 2015-07-26
Judge: Baby/BIS Elisabeth Guthrie, Australia, adult Barbara Arndt, Canada
Valtahlia`s Lagertha BIS-4 Baby!!
Valtahlia`s Estrid, Honour prize 2 plac Baby class
Valtahlia`s Covergirl, Open cl-3 Exc. CQ


Swedish Borzoi Speciality 2015-07-25
Judge: Christopher Neale, Kennel Sylvan USA
BIS Puppy Valtahlia`s Lagertha
BOS Puppy Valtahlia`s Ragnar Lodbrok
Valtahlia`s Estrid, Baby class 2 plac.
Valtahlia`s Commander, Open cl. Exc-4
Valtahlia`s Covergirl, Open cl. Exc






: New Champion!!

Diva – Ch Valtahlia`s Dream Duchess is now also Finnish Champion and International Champion!! (to be confirmed). Congratulations to owner Oksana Englund, Kennel Metelitsa!

Photo from earlier occasion

: Show results!

Valtahlia`s Covergirl, Best bitch -3 ,R-CAC today!

Swedish Kennel Club, Vänersborg


: Danish and Nordic Champion!!

Ch Valtahlia`s Dream Duchess is now also Danish and Nordic Champion! Huge congratulations to her owner Oksana Englund, kennel Metelitsa!

: New Champion!

SE UCH LVCH RUSCH RFK CH Valtahlia`s Dream Duchess  CAC, CACIB, BOS and new Norwegian Champion! BOB is her friend Metelitsa Volyazhniy Valentin, who also became Norwegian and Nothern Champion!

International Dog Show, 12.04.2015, Bergen, Norge, judge Hannele Jokisilta, Finland

NKK Bergen_1

: Puppy photos!

New photos of the puppies, one month old

: Puppy photos!

New photos of the puppies, now 12 days old!

: The Vikings!

The puppies has their own pages. Have a look at The Viking Litter

: Photos!

New photos of the puppies, 4 days old

: Exciting news

We expect puppies in Mid-March!

More info at “Puppies” in the menu.

New photo of Valtahlia`s Cherokee, 20 months old.

: New website!

The new website is finally up, and we hope you like it! Feel free to send me an e-mail if you have questions or something seems out of order.